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What We’re Reading: April 8, 2010 Edition

Library of Congress - Baseball Americana
It feels like summer in D.C. (where the AHA headquarters resides) so it seemed appropriate this week to include some links to a favorite summer sport: baseball. But first, some newsworthy items: Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell revives  Confederate History Month, a recent forum discusses graduate humanities education, a grad student unearths Haiti’s Declaration of Independence, and the New York Times investigates the legality of unpaid internships (another summer staple). We also bring you two articles related to research and technology: evaluate Martha Ballard’s Diary through “topic modeling” and discover the new book2net scanner at the Library of Congress.

What We’re Reading: December 24, 2009 Edition

Digitized version of A Christmas CarolHappy Holidays! On this Christmas Eve, check out a collection of digital humanities sessions at our upcoming annual meeting, take a peek at the making of an online exhibit, and consider what could have been if Alexandria and Arlington had never left Washington, D.C. Then, get in the holiday spirit with notable snowstorms of the past, a digitized version of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” a reenactment of Washington’s Christmas crossing of the Delaware, and archives of Christmas kitsch and Hanukkah caroling.

December 24, 2009

Veterans Day Resources

In honor of this year’s Veterans Day, we bring you a number of educational resources for in and out of the classroom.


Veterans History Project

Teaching Aids

  • VA Kids
    This site offers learning resources on veterans geared for students in grades 6–12, along with educational games.
November 11, 2009

What We’re Reading: October 22, 2009 Edition

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich wins Kennedy Medal In the news this week, AHA President Laurel Thatcher Ulrich has won a prestigious award, the Gates Foundation has donated a significant amount to the African American History and Culture Museum, and a Russian historian has been detained for violating “privacy laws” in his research. We also link to two articles on the history of healthcare. One comes from the History Guys and another from James Mohr, history professor at the University of Oregon. Then, peruse images that have been faked, drawn, or added to Flickr.

October 22, 2009

The Teachers Page – From the Library of Congress

Library of Congress Teachers Page - Primary Source SetsIn a recent post on the Library of Congress blog, Matt Raymond, the LOC’s director of communications, introduced the newly launched web portal for teachers. He notes that this is just the latest step to make materials from the LOC accessible to K-12 teachers. Back in 1990 the library sent out CD-ROMs to be used in classrooms, then in 2005 they created the Teaching with Primary Sources Program (TPS), and now in 2009 they’ve produced this portal.

The main sections of this portal include:

What We’re Reading: April 23, 2009 Edition

World Digital LibraryIn the news on Tuesday, the U.N. launched the World Digital Library, started four years ago by Librarian of Congress James Billington. Speaking of the Library of Congress, it’s extending the hours and dates of its Lincoln exhibit, due to popular demand. In other news, William and Mary students discover forgotten, and educationally valuable, documents in Richmond. We also link to a recap of Sam Wineburg’s controversial OAH speech, the making of a film series on WWII, New Deal classroom resources, and a fight for a Revolutionary War site.

What We’re Reading: November 27, 2008 Edition

Thanksgiving ProclamationThis Thanksgiving edition of What We’re Reading starts off with a number of useful links to Turkey Day related pages and posts. Take a look back to Thanksgiving in the 1700s with the Library of Congress, find out what was served at the first Thanksgiving with the help of a historian at the National History Education Clearinghouse site, and see all of the features the History Channel has to offer for this holiday. Then, in non-Thanksgiving news, read about the opening of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, learn the background of President-elect Obama’s economic adviser choice Christian Romer, find out "What’s So Special About a Team of Rivals?", and finally, hear about a forum set up to examine misunderstandings in history.

November 27, 2008

What We’re Reading: November 6, 2008 Edition

Lincoln Bicentennial informationWhile the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth isn’t until next year, we link to the Library of Congress and Smithsonian, which are already talking about related exhibits and events. Also, we point to the Lincoln Bicentennial Commission’s web site and the wealth of Lincoln information available there. Then, submit your nominations for the 2008 Cliopatria Awards, check out two election related articles, read up on the Zotero lawsuit, find out why “John Smith” is leaving academia, and hear about incorporating rare books into undergraduate classes.

November 6, 2008