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Exploring Early Modern London

The Map of Early Modern London site is like Google Maps for Shakespeare’s time. But instead incorporating traffic patterns, restaurants, and shortest routes, this experimental map shows wards, churches, and livery companies. Locations on the map are linked articles, or related information. And for visitors who find the layered experimental map too daunting, there is the simpler original Agas Map, which can be zoomed in on and has locations to click on, but doesn’t offer the many features of the experimental version.

Google Earth Goes Back In Time

World Globe, 1790
Google has juxtaposed the old world and the new, with the addition of Rumsey Historical Maps to the Google Earth application. Google Earth’s 3-D interactive globe, based on satellite images, can now be overlaid with historical maps, layering the present with the past. David Rumsey, who collected and supplied the Rumsey maps (from his collection of 150,000), described his experience with the new resource:

“I was able to explore and fly around the old maps and use the transparency slider to compare the old world and the new; as I did this, I thought to myself that this is the perfect marriage of historic cartographic masterpieces with the innovative contemporary software tools of Google.”

– Read more in his post on the Google blog.

Wikimapia: “Let’s Describe the Whole World!”

What do you get when you combine the images and functions of google maps with the collective editing power of wikipedia? You get Wikimapia. Creators of wikimapia, Alexandre Koriakine and Evgeniy Saveliev, simply wanted to “describe the whole plant Earth.” So they put together an online resource that allows users to label places and things on google map satellite images. Place your cursor over outlined areas and a label pops up. Double click on outlined areas and find more content.