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Heroic AHA Member Helps to Save Lives in Haiti

Dwelling as they usually do in dark and dusty archives or hallowed halls of academe, historians are not often linked to deeds of derring-do and bravery. But AHA member James Coll was recently in Haiti after the devastating earthquake there, and helped to save at least six lives, it has been reported. Article By: Pillarisetti Sudhir
February 2, 2010

Name That Decade!

Last month the New York Times noted that the first decade of the new century is just about to officially slip into history and wondered what the results of that "beloved and enduring parlor game known as 'Name That Decade'" would be.
November 29, 2009

Members, What’s New?

The Members column, which is published in Perspectives on History as space permits, is designed to recognize and honor the accomplishments of AHA members. News of recent hires, promotions, publications, fellowships or awards received, and other news of a professional nature are welcomed. Some recent member achievements include... Article By: David Darlington

AHA Membership Grows Modestly, as History of Religion Surpasses Culture

Despite the hardships in the economy, membership in the AHA actually increased slightly over the past year. In our annual membership snapshot (taken on March 31 of each year), membership rose to over 15,000 members for the first time in 35 years. While this marks an important milestone, in real terms the 15,055 members marked only a modest increase (just 152 more than last year). Article By: Robert B. Townsend

AHA Member wins Pulitzer Prize

Congratulations are in order for AHA member Annette Gordon-Reed, professor at Rutgers University-Newark and New York Law School, who has won the Pulitzer Prize for History for her book, The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family. Article By: David Darlington