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AHA Hiring: Editor, Perspectives on History, and Marketing and Public Relations Manager

The AHA is pleased to announce two open positions, one for editor of Perspectives on History and the other for marketing and public relations manager, both ideal for qualified individuals looking for an opportunity to positively impact the history profession.

Editor, Perspectives on History

The editor of Perspectives on History will be responsible for all aspects of the editorial, production, and promotional work pertaining to Perspectives on History. The editor plays a central part in the AHA’s publications department, and this role is a vital aspect of the organization’s communication with its members and other important constituencies.


AHA Roundtable: Historians’ Perspectives on

Web Ethics

How is the web, particularly social media properties like Twitter, changing the way scholars communicate and form connections with each other? When I first started considering this question after the AHA annual meeting in New Orleans, I had been talking with bloggers and self-described “Twitterstorians” who had expressed concern over the lack of live-tweeting etiquette at conferences and meetings. Intrigued, we responded by crowdsourcing a “Dos and Don’ts of Live-Tweeting” list,  but quickly realized that we needed to have a much broader conversation about ethical web practices and the future web environment for scholars.

Perspectives on History, June

Now Available at Perspectives Online:

Three Books on Doing History

Now open and available to all, James Herbert, former director of research programs at the National Endowment for the Humanities, reviews three books on doing history and what that means: Being a Historian by James M. Banner Jr., History Hunting by James Cortada, and History in Practice by Ludmilla Jordanova.

A common theme that Herbert points out is how “All three of these books humbly refrain from claiming high epistemological status for history … . All three, however, calmly assume the utility of history, of what Jordanova calls ‘the past’s perennial usefulness in the present.’” With this in mind, Herbert goes on to discuss the central role that public (or “applied”) history plays in each of these books, in the expanded career choices for students of history, and in the discipline as a whole.

Perspectives on History, June

Opening the Journal and the AHA’s Online Journey: Two Trending Perspectives Articles Now Open

Two articles published in the May issue of Perspectives on History have become part of conversations online, and we wanted them to be available to a wider audience. They are now open to members and non-members alike.*

In “Opening the Journal,” Hong-Ming Liang offers insights into what a journal can do to serve the college, community, and liberal arts. As chief editor of the Middle Ground Journal, Liang cultivates a commitment to history in his student interns, who take on teaching and mentoring roles at a local public charter school.

Perspectives on History, June

This month in Perspectives on History: Historians and the Wider World,

the AHA’s Online Journey, and Research Gone Arwy

This month, in Perspectives on History, available now online and in the mail to AHA members:

What happens to research deferred? Kenneth Pomeranz looks into the contents of “Three Old Boxes,” and finds insights into the careers and thinking of historians in the paths not taken.

What’s it like to leave history behind? Nell Painter compares her career as a historian to her new career as an artist.

How transnational are historians? Luke Clossey and Nicholas Guyatt survey the research interests of US, UK, and Canadian historians, and conclude that historians are primarily interested in the places they live.