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Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst

Damaged booksFire, flooding, earthquakes; disasters come unexpectedly in many shapes and forms. And the ways to prepare for such events are just as varied. Below we’ve put together a list of a number of classes and online resources that specifically target libraries, archives, museums, and other institutions that maintain collections. They outline how to plan for and prevent disasters, and how to recover if the worst does occur.

Staff members are an important part of preventing and recovering from disasters, and there are a number of classes out there that can teach them the skills they need.

America’s Most Endangered Historic Places

National Trust for Historic Preservation releases 2009 list of 11 Most Endangered historic places in AmericaThe National Trust for Historic Preservation announced this week its 2009 list of the America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. The NTHP began compiling these lists in 1988; making this year the 22nd time they have done so. The awareness raised by these lists has saved dozens of sites, and elevated many to “favorable” rather than “endangered” status.

Details about each of the 2009 endangered sites have been gathered together in a post on the National Trust’s blog, Preservation Nation.