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Blogging the Poplar Grove Project

Last month in a What We’re Reading post we linked to an article about the Poplar Grove plantation in Maryland where documents from as far back as the 1600s had been found in attics and other buildings. While there’s much to go through, researchers are taking the time to share some of the most interesting finds on the Poplar Grove Project blog.

Draft Best Practices for Public History Education from the NCPH

The Curriculum and Training Committee of the National Council on Public History (NCPH) has posted draft best practices recommendations for public history education on the NCPH web site, including recommended best practices for MA programs in public history, graduate certificate programs, undergraduate public history programs, and public history internships.

Jobs and Careers in History

Jobs for history majors. Careers in history. Why study history? These are some of the most popular search phrases that bring people to the AHA’s web site. To help all of these groups find answers look to the AHA's web site and the plethora of job and career related resources available there.

Doing Public History U.K. Style

Doing Public History, a new web site and electronic journal, attempts to “promote public debate about the nature and role of history in Britain.” The site notes the relative lack of public discourse about the past in the U.K. when compared to the United States and Australia, where national debates about the role of the past are common. It calls for a sustained discussion about the relationship between the academic historian and the public.