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Re-Directions 1: The Historical Configurations of Space: Keith Robbins Considers the British Case

Re-Directions: Articles of Interest from History Compass

With the following we launch a new series of posts under the subtitle “Re-Directions” that will point to noteworthy articles published in History Compass, the online journal published by Blackwell Publishing. Under the chief editorship of AHA member Felice Lifshitz (Florida International Univ.), who served as the chair of the AHA Program Committee for the 2009 annual meeting, History Compass publishes commissioned and peer-reviewed essays that provide “surveys of the most important research and current thinking from across the entire discipline.”

The objective of this series of blog posts is not only to draw attention to History Compass articles that seem—to AHA staff members—particularly interesting, but also to create an opportunity to foster and facilitate discussion—through the comments feature of this blog—of the article referred to in the blog post.