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Perspectives on History, April

Why History? A Note on the AHA Tuning Project

If you are at a university, the April issue of Perspectives on History probably arrived together with finals or midterms. Your time is even more precious than usual, and general reading is probably not your first priority. But I would strongly encourage you to make time for the forum on the AHA’s Tuning project—even, or perhaps especially, if you are skeptical of the effort.

Like it or not, we face increasingly intense pressures to explain what benefit there is in studying history, either for the student or for society.

AHA Links for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teaching session at the 123rd Annual MeetingIf you haven’t thanked a teacher this week, there’s still time. As Teacher Appreciation Week winds down and students and teachers alike turn to appreciation of summer, we offer just the slimmest sample of links to articles in Perspectives on History by committed, engaged, and innovative history teachers over the past few years.

The articles below are just a taste of what’s appeared in Perspectives on History. We welcome other links and resources in the comments section. We also recommend our Resources for Teachers page.